Cuvinte Cheie

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Cuvinte cheie:

to be to go to have to do teste the to play to eat to see talk take travel to sing to write to cry to read try to make trecutul perfect simplu tidy tall to like to work to comb trecutul simplu to speak this to take trecutul perfect to run to walk think to learn to buy traducere trecut to come to think to drink to want to bee to be la trecut to live to look to love that teste teach there is to be trecut to drive to visit test to sleep to wash timpuri to to can tell timpurile to open trecutul continuu to give to cook to listen to start to attend to sell to paint to travel to bi topica to say to jump tu be took test prezent simplu continu to study to know thought to practise to watch trecutu simplu traduceri to be past tense thank to die trouble thin to bring time to dream to came three to become to put to meet to celebrate to get trebuie timpul viitor continuu to flow to steel to play prezentul simplu to fall toe to fly to dance to sit teste rezolvate substantiv to be to be in the red to be have tea to have got there to join teste de the article trecutul timpul prezent to catch to feel trecutul simplu-continuu trebuia trece there are trecut simplu to swim tag to understand to stay to be future to have present to dive tree to lern teste exercitii raspunsuri to leave to pick to talk trecerea de la vb directa cea indirecta then throw to teach to abide timpul prezent simplu to begin timpul past perfect simple teste verbe neregulate test 2 trecut continuu they teste viitor toate verbele neregulate terminatiile to cost to drop trecutu perfect simplu this wind to cut tooth to choose to help to disapprove to mix to by to wave though traducere romana translator to starve ti-am trimis to infinitive -ing form travell test trecut past tense to be present to show timpuri verbale teste present perfect si continuous to have-prezentul simplu to light to wring touch tried to steal time clause teacher to greet to carry timpul teste past simple to came conjugat to clasify to be conjugat to deposit trecut perfect temporale to fly prezent to be la toate timpurile to love prezent simplu trecutul continu to burn to include test prezent simplu continuu to stare to hide to climb tomato to lend to wait to stop table to blow tine their to do to dance interogativa to ask to try to have la past simple to persuade trening two to answer toamna to pay tu go the go drink tear trust to draw to speek tidyed these traducatoor to wish to tidy to sing -infinitiv turn to hate to be la prezent the perfect tense simple taken teste prezent simplu si continuu to push toate orele in limba tu bi tigru triftongi to tell to clap prezentul continuu to be keep teme telecomanda tu manaci ciocolata in fiecare zi tapir the conditional to put on to lay to install timpurile verbale in recunoasterea propozitilor si a timpului folosit through to be conjugare to bruise tired to support to like prezent simplu the arrow and song to fry the pizza tea spot terminatia verbelor regulate tunning teste trecutul simplu thanked test 3 test 3 prezentul simplu continuu testament test in engleză tthe nouns trecutul continuu cuvinte cheie to sop to promise to comply traduceri conditionale teste de eng;eza pt incepatori tot to care teste cu articol traducerea test substantivul trecut compus to learn perfect prezent simplu teste prezentu simplu to bear to turn two fonetics too type toll toot training tu build to eat present simple to fill to be present afirmativ to looc la toate timpurile to write(present continuous tu by trecutul perfect to be present simple to divide to speak la toate timpurile to whisper to would te eat to like la prezent simplu to bite forma negativa to mean-prsent continous to mean-present continous to register timpul infinitiv trezeste trecutul verbului live timpuri to inform to be doubtful to fell trecutul simlu continu to agree toate nr in limba enfleza took us to stay la afirmativ to vizit to build trecutul continuu afirmativ verb have to be trecutul continuu afirmativ tote culorile care exista to throw negativ thrill trump to listen prezentul continu to listen prezentul continuu to eat laafirmativ test vorbit in to compliment sb tease to tease time clauses timpul past simple typical tidied to make afirmativ teste cu prepozitii si altele to peay to load transcriptia to collect to been to play la negativ tools to miss to bo forme negative si interogative to be negativ interogativ trcutul perfec simplu to be la past tense to beat to correct those those are tortoise to reveal to dissapprove of totodata to bleed they have got tagged to play la interogativ negativ prezent te iubesc din toată inima transfer to be ;a prezent to break the richest there is si are theatre to print la toate timpruile verbale trei si cinci toate adjectivele to bug to admire terminatia ing to play la trecut to count transcrierea fonetica timpul perfect simplu in romana this is/that is timp conditional tidings the frog is red to poach to touch the classification of nouns teste rezolvate substantiv test incep to abate thirteen thirteen hundred toate orele scrise in liba toate orele trecut a gandi to contribue to belong test gramatica teste gramatica they wish to speak you test viitoru simplu to row timpul negativ twelve thousand translated the ball to stay la trecut to prectise totusi to hit to have trecut simplu timpul trecut perfect the se foloseste... teste simple to go present continuous tmpurile to finish thees trasant timpurile de cojugare a verbului to shout tacerea e deaur to telk to be conjugat tube teddy bear toate cuvintele care contin 2 de o to sing vb teste si raspunsuri cu viitorul to exhaust trandafir transorma in adjectiv the verb to play to flee to hace testul 1 to taste to be a trecut to clap to cry forma negativa to snow to be perfect simplu teste rezolvate cu relative claue to bronke trebuia sa-mi zici to pray the passive, present the passive. present trecutu continu the passive taper this is our traducerea en ro the vonditional tare telling to swap tuenti the babies to be la possitive traducere prepared test la present simple test prezentul continuu teste cu prezent simplu si continuu in test grila they/call/us timpuri viitoare (simplu/continuu/perfect) they/call/us la timpuri viitoare to close tomorrow te bee prezent to hit past simple the least test de clasa a4 a to cum to vizit to be, or not be: that is the question: to refer teste rezolvate to find traducerea din romina in tags trimite to sing la prezent to bo the negation to grow to have trecut too many teste pronume to twist televiziuni tender teste cu przentul perfect continuu the subjunctive transformarea unui adjectiv in substantiv timpul passive trave the rich to be =a fi i am you are cu ce trebuie sa completez temporal clu=auses to continue tote culorli in romna to be participiu trecut the police are now rounding in usual suspects there was thousand tata take it out there are three ways of using the keyboard in office programs. you can use it to select commands on menus, press buttons toolbars, and execute certain actions by a combination keystrokes, known as shortcut. menu gain aces traducator timpurile vrbale to shop the one test present cotinuous teste prezent toate nr in de la 1 100 to ring to play forme to be with fury to rite to becom to go predentul simplu teste cu prepozitii the children want to spends to be conjugat la future tense continuous thoughtfull to feed the police think that they foud tyyhj toate cuvintele numarabile in to act te caut teste prezent simlu teste prezent simplu afirmativ to ride to self teste gramatica to get in the way timpul trecut exercitii rezolvate to be verb propozitii teste timpuri gramaticale tail to dam to topple to loose teste online articolul hotarat transcriptia cuvintelor topica adjectiv fregventa try the other hole toate numerele in de la 1 1din thin comparative to rent to chage this is meg,s dress this is my friend,s house te iubes to tend timpul viitor -engleza title to drift think of present to pick up to did teste to did the subjunctiv mood after wish tati trimite un tren ci pietris test de amicitie teste cu timpurile verbale test dry timpul present simple in today to be la viitor to cool transformarea adjectivului in substantuv they lost my luggage trecutul siplu pentru look texte pentru traducere engeza romana tir tilt to read afirmativ to have-trcut interogativ to bow teste cu verbe neregulate 2 forme to go present tens simple to play present simple tears trei si treisprezece minute to heart tie thoughts there ar timpul prezent comtinuu tobe they(read) the book for 2 hours to dress to rescue tableware tu train tripping over teste grele present tense simple and continuous timida to compose to cook past simple titled take of to crawl to write la afirmativ conjugare traducereverberegulate to go la prezent teste cu pluralul substantivelor to crochet to be toate timpurile teste exercitii substantiv to sing conjugare toate timpurile trecut simplu tense teste din timpurile prezentului thatcher throwing third conditional test cu present continuas test cu varbe neregulate in limba to lose to hold trecutul verbului want the piano transformarea propozitiilor afirmative in propoziti interogative si negative trecut pasiv trample translate the outside is a shell inside meat it grows in tree and good to eat to stitch tender points to go conjugarea teste online present tense simplu to keep timpul viitor simplu treap the policeman isnt next to sheep to go on test paper past form tho tiger to confirm test limba cu past simple to hurry toateadjective neregulate toate adjective neregulate toate adjectivele neregulate tu mananci un mar trill told toate verbele la cele 3 forme threesome tenace to water timp prezent interogativ to write la afirmativ talented to transport to live- lived tabla tuble toate nr de la 1 100 în engleză to fled time tag to harm tri turned test past tense the sun (rise) when i woke up to beg to refuse timpurile si verbele regulate test 2 raspunsuri teste de online teste in limba teste on line teste grila incepatori timpurile verbelor timpurile verbelor to seek testul 2 prezentul simplu si continu test trecutul simplu si continnuu teste limba cu timpurile verbale teste matematica the past perfect tense trecul teste de verificare traducere corecta the more the italicized lexical item likely trecutul simplu-lista verbelor timp perfect to interfere to connect timpul present perfect timpurile verbelor la limba timp liber to bend tatar timpul viitor terminaÅ£ia -ing teste pentru admitere in liceu tense simple to ebb tough trecutul verbelor regulate trecut simplu continuu traducere de propozitii trecutul simplu continuu to jab traveling timpului to be prezent to be simplepast to go la present to be] toate verbele regulate tema to malk toate numerele in to check to br to begin la prezent to be trecutul to sit past tense to have - trecut to compliment to wruite to cath teste de traducere to dee toate culorile to throw to have go at affirmative to tall trecutul verbelor timpurile verbale to seem tranzative transitive transitive with two objects timpul trecut to bild teste si raspunsuri past simple to lie trecutul verbului read trecutul verbului read afirmativ negati interogativ tenis trainer traducere romana traducere din in romana teste in limba clasa avia to , at texte pentru traduceri to rub to telephone to bi , conjugare test1 to listen tote formele verbu;lui to stand to pity to thank timpurile lb to crros to control teste online the time test substantiv travel broadens the mind to have past tense taste to wife to com to win tiprezentmpul to have-conjugare to get] to moot to kill the numbers the weather to carry participiu trecut trash trash-romana timp teste copii to spend to forget tv to verify transcrieti to beginer test clasa a 10 traducerea interogativului two thousand and twenty first to hiss to go prezent simplu tabarase to explode timpuile verbelor explicate detaliat to laugh te-ai intors tens simple to hear to stay see make past simple to complain take after to argue to increase teste adjective online to accept to fish to clasify present tens simple to express to disaited trimise the noun the noun substantivul to settel to it teste gratis de to sediment to distract to do trcut treat tenses of the indicative mood the sequence of tenses to speak la prezentu continuu to visite to punush tood to save tuday to da teste cu articolul nehotarat to empty te-am vazut to desert to sleep-prezent simplu to have prezentul simplu test prezent simpu continuu to freeze to large test present continuos tense teste subjonctiv to wryte the dog has been barking trecut perfect simplu terrestrial tu bee to order the passive voice the gerund timturile trecute team to change topica adjectivelor to disponsal the car to boil to rain to be viitor take charge to wake to writw to be-present to sign take a bow test 1 prezentul simplu-continuu to asck to send tot ceasul in teza clasa a x test clasa a 10 test pentru scoala clasa a 10-a test scolar clasa a 10 ten to have -la trecut to believe the future to wawe to think preset to classify timpul trecut simplu to bet teste cu any,some,no tari in care se vorbeste test past simple clasa a5 a tag cloud to be past to participate turried turr to contact to spik to apply to beget to pick up with smb to require terminatia ed to be la trecut past tens telefon to own that clause test online threating threading tenses teste de limba teste limba teste online teste online teste la teste in teste online la teste la limba test on line teste de gramatica teste lb teste la online teste gramatica in limba teste verificare limba teste pentru limba teste online limba teste verificare limba on line teste suplimentare de lb tese gratuit de limba test limba teste de lb teste on-line test cu timpurile la online teste incepatori on line teste gramatica online teste gramatica online teste grila gramatica online the genitiv timpul past perfect timpul verbelor teste incepatori test past tense english teste de incepatori test online timpurile limbii test incepatori teste teste la pentru incepatori teste online free teste pentru incepatori teste in pentru incepatori toate culorile in teste de pentru incepatori teste grila online


Competente lingvistice - Examinare scrisa (Written examination)

 A. Citire si intelegere (Reading comprehension)

Timpul - Lunile anului - Months of the Year

Lista de mai jos cuprinde lunile anului utilizate in tarile vorbitoare de engleza si in multe alte parti ale lumii. Lista arata ordinea lunilor, incepand din luna Ianuarie - January (prima luna).

Prezentul Simplu-Continuu - Raspuns1

Raspuns la testul 1

Timpul - Zilele Saptamanii - Days of the Week

Notati ca weekdays si days of the week nu inseamna acelasi lucru. Days of the week sunt toate cele 7 zile de Luni - Monday pana Duminica - Sunday. Weekdays sunt doar cele cinci zile (lucratoare) de Luni - Monday pana Vineri - Friday. Weekend insemna Sambata - Saturday si  Duminica - Sunday.

Timpul - Cat este ceasul - Ce ora este - Telling the Time

Cum intrebi cat e ceasul ? Cum spui cat e ceasul ? Asking the time and Telling the time

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