Conjuctia - Conjunctii coordonatoare

Leaga partile de propozitie cu aceeasi functie sintactica sau propozitii de acelasi fel.


  • copulative
    • and (si)
      I see a boy and a girl.
      He went home and brought the book.
    • as well as (la fel ca, precum si)
      I speak English as well as Romanian.
    • not only . . . but also (nu numai ... ci si ....)
      I like not only English but also French.
    • both . . . and (atat.... cat si ......)
      You like both English and German. 
  • disjunctive -  exprima o alternativa
    • either . . . or (sau.... sau .....)
      You may either read the book, or watch television.
    • neither . . . nor (nici.... nici.....)
      I see neither him nor her.
    • otherwise = altfel , altminteri
      The book is expensive, otherwise it is very useful.
    • else (if not) (altfel (daca nu))
    • or else (ca/caci altfel, ca daca nu)
      Hurry up or (else) you will miss the train.
  • adversative - care se opun una alteia
    • but (dar, insa)
      He is young but wise.
    • however (insa, dar totusi)
      I didn't want to do it, however I did it.
    • still (totusi, insa)
      It is hard, still I'll do it.
    • while (cat timp)
      My car is old, while yours is new.
    • yet (totusi, cu toate acestea)
      The weather is cold, and yet people walk on the streets.
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