Trecutul Simplu-Continuu - Test1

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1. They (were cleaning up / had cleaned up) while I was cooking dinner.
2. There was no food left when I returned. They (had eaten / ate) everything!
3. If she had visited us last summer, she (would have enjoyed / would enjoy) the hikes in the mountains.
4. I (checked / was checking) the bags before we left on holiday.
5. If he (broke / had broken) the window he would repair it.
6. She told me she was flying to Chicago last week. She (must have been / must be) in her hotel room last night.
7. By the time the presentation began, they (completed / had completed) their discussion.
8. If I (had been / were) you, I would finish my homework!
9. She is very intelligent. She (can not have thought/ couldn't have thought) that!
10. When I arrived, they (stretched their legs / were stretching their legs).


Cuvinte cheie: test trecut past tense

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