Cuvinte uzuale - 20 cele mai uzuale cuvinte din categoria bani - money

Lista cu 20 cele mai uzuale cuvinte din limba engleza pentru afaceri din categoria bani (money)

Money - Bani

1 A.T.M. abbr. Automated Teller Machine; cash dispenserUK
2 banknote n: a piece of paper money; billUS
3 billUS n. a banknote; a piece of paper money
4 black market n. illegal traffic in officially controlled commodities such as foreign currency
5 bureau de change n. establishment where currencies of different countries may be exchanged
6 cash n. 1 coins or bank notes (not cheques); 2 actual money paid as opposed to credit
7 cash dispenserUK n: automatic machine from which clients of a bank may withdraw money; ATM
8 cashier n. person dealing with cash transactions in a bank, store etc
9 coin n: a piece of metal money
10 currency n. the money in general use or circulation in any country
11 debt n. money etc owed by one person to another
12 exchange rate n. the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another
13 foreign exchange n: the currency of other countries
14 hard currency n. currency that will probably not fall in value and is readily accepted
15 invest v. to put money for profit into business, land etc - investment n.
16 legal tender n: currency that cannot legally be refused in payment of a debt
17 petty cashUK n. a cash fund for small, everyday expenses
18 soft currency n. currency that will probably fall in value and is not readily accepted
19 speculate v. (risky) buying of foreign currency, land etc for rapid gain - speculation n.
20 transaction n. a (usually commercial) exchange; a deal - to transact v.
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