Cuvinte uzuale - 20 cele mai uzuale cuvinte din categoria intalniri de afaceri - meetings

Lista cu 20 cele mai uzuale cuvinte din limba engleza din categoria intalniri de afaceri (business meetings)

Meetings - Intalniri de afaceri

1 A.G.M. abbr. Annual General Meeting
2 A.O.B. abbr. Any Other Business [usually the last item on an agenda]
3 absent adj. not here; not at the meeting; not present
4 agenda n. a written programme or schedule for a meeting
5 apologies n. item on agenda announcing people who are absent; apologies for absence
6 ballot n. a type of vote, usually in writing and usually secret- secret ballot n.
7 casting vote n. a deciding vote (usually by the chairman) when the votes are otherwise equal
8 chairman n. the person who leads or presides at a meeting; chairperson; chair
9 conference n. formal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organisation
10 conference call n. telephone call between three or more people in different locations
11 consensus n. general agreement
12 decision n. a conclusion or resolution to do something - to decide v.
13 item n. a separate point for discussion [as listed on an agenda]
14 matters arising n. item on agenda for discussion of what has happened as a result of last meeting
15 minutes n. a written record of everything said at a meeting
16 proxy vote n. a vote cast by one person for or in place of another
17 show of hands n. raised hands to express an opinion in a vote
18 unanimous adj. in complete agreement; united in opinion
19 videoconference n. conference of people in different locations linked by satellite, TV etc
20 vote v. to express opinion in a group by voice or hand etc - also n. - to cast a vote v.
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